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Chairman's Message

Dear All,

Arab Real Estate Company had relied from the time of its inception that is over thirty years ago, upon the transparency policy, clarity of its investment projects and future strategies and placed them before the shareholders in order to follow up on their company's achievements, and their realized investment ambitions inside of Kuwait and abroad.

Today Arab Real Estate Company turns open a new gleaming sheet from its records of real estate achievements through its new electronic website, through which the company seeks to simultaneously deliver the information to all its shareholders in addition to offer real estate data to the largest number possible of investors and to searchers of real estate data. Consequently widening the base of interested parties seeking exposure over the accomplishments of our company is achieved, and the target of increasing its benefiting investors is attained.

The real estate sector in Kuwait has grown notably during the last five years due to the political and economical stability in the region, and because of the rise in oil prices in the world markets, which reflected on the real estate industry that witnessed a growth in both the quantity and quality either in the construction methods and development or in the housing, investment and commercial units' prices.

Also several real estate companies have appeared and foreign companies barged into the region's markets seeking to obtain a segment of the real estate industry's market preempting heated competition in the GCC (Gulf Countries Council) markets that led to creativity in exhibiting methods to attract more real estate investors. And, one of these stated methods is the creation of electronic websites that have attraction appeal which is not less effective in any way than those of other exhibition methods, and from the communication channels for the real estate investing masses.

The stated approach contributed in encouraging Arab Real Estate Company to direct its interest towards creating its own electronic website to become another window that it appears from to welcome its shareholders and customers, and through it the company's clients can view our achievements. So, we welcome our respective clientele base of clients, investors and researches, and wishing all of you the best of success and prosperity.

Emad Jawad Bukhamseen
Chairman & Managing Director