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Mission & Vision

To nurture a work environment of innovative planning and strategic management, deepening relationships, innovating and building a strong infrastructural growth of professional real estate team, which will ultimately endure in capitalizing and maximizing the mutual benefit of clients, shareholders and staff.

Kuwait is on the fast track to stamp its impression on the global map. In a stronger sense, it is also referred to as the investment hub of tomorrow’s world. The real estate sector is witnessing a transformation never seen before. Al-Arabiya’s pioneering and focused view summarizes this shift in the skyline as one word - lucrative.

Al-Arabiya, in its efforts to leverage the emerging opportunities, is keen to partner with prominent and like-minded companies. These mutual strategic alliances combine expertise and financial capital in the execution of mega projects. To become the leaders in the property development industry, to achieve the highest level of quality and excellencein services rendered to our customers.

To obtain recognition in all the sectors related to real estate development, from Residential, commercial, high rise buildings, hospitals, and leisure facilities within the GCC countries and the middle east region.